Building the world's
largest nutritional database

Earn NF token by scanning products

How it works?


Pay 1 time fee

To unlock the Scanner Rewards, you must pay a one time fee of 100 USD in NF Token or 150 USD in BTC, ETH or XLM



Scan any food product from the confort of your home, job or supermarket


Earn NF

For each product that gets verify you earn 2.8NF Token

That's it!

Be part of the biggest blockchain database in the world

180NF main goal is to create the largest nutritional database of the world

We are seeing more healthy products in the supermarket, but are they really healthy?

Companies are trying to sell you expensive products that are more organic and healthier, but if you read the ingredients you can tell that there making more harm to your body than what you think.

Every chronic disease starts with what your eating so just think about it, why are there even more diseases nowadays?

We’re here for you

Our database will be the only one that can't be bought and we will never promote products that are harmful.

With our database anyone can search if a product is healthy for you, what its made of, if it contains any chemicals or if your alergic to it.

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The first Nutritional Dapp
for everyone

Decentralized wallet

The keys are controlled by the user, even if you use other apps you can view all of your transcations and usage in 180NF wallet

Scanner rewards

Unlock the scanner to start earning NF by simply scanning food products.

Cheap transactions

The base fee (currently 100 stroops or 0.00001 XLM) is used in transaction fees.

Verified Products

View the verified products inside 180NF, how much users have earned and its complete nutritional information.

Build in tutorials

Everything you need to know inside one app, all the list of tutorials and updates.

Airdrops rewards

Be eligible to participate in any upcoming airdrop.

Enjoy the benefits of 180NF, scan and earn NF.

Make Nutritionist great again

You should not trust influencers

With our nutritional database we want to complemented by creating an app that connects people with nutritionist.

Nowadays the easiest job is to become an influencer and talk about nutrition with now background and its time to give back that power to nutritionist. The influencers didn't study 5 years so people can follow them and messed up their health.

Work anywhere and find a nutritionist near you

Anywhere in the world you can connect with your nutritionist, have nutrition tracking, personalized evaluation, scan food and have personalized meal plans

Use NF token to register as a profesional nutritionist and earn extra money or work full time. Each transaction takes 5 seconds to receive, used globally and create your own schedule.

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Your security is our priority


180NF provides highly secure storage for your Lumens and NF, you can still withdraw your funds from other stellar apps as we don't keep your crypto with us.

A proven track record

By keeping the money in 180NF App you will earn 0.02% of what is stored and will be distributed in the last month of each quarter.

A commitment to privacy

We will never sell your information. We don't store your keys, once your receive your keys we can't recover it again, never.

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