Monopoly of The food industry

We currently live in a consumerist world, in which the industry takes the lead in world food, imposing the consumption of ultra-processed products loaded with saturated fats, sugar and sodium (salt).

As a result of this massive consumption we have seen the increase in obesity and chronic noncommunicable diseases in society.

Each Block Contains the Nutritional Value of a Product

180NF main goal is to create the largest nutritional database of the world.

Our blockchain works like bitcoin but instead of investing a large amount in mining rigs to mine bitcoin, the only thing you need is 1000NF to unlock the scanner inside the app and internet.

The more verification a products gets, the faster is going to get confirm. Once the process passes our stages (users and machine learning) the new block is created and it will contain the nutritional information of the product.

Fo each product you scan and get verified you earn 2.8NF, just imagine how many products you can find at your home, job or supermarket.


WHY's 180NF creating the Nutritional Database ?

The information on the food products is adulterated, the laws protect the producers and it is in the interest of the government to continue this way. The government earns subsidies from the sale of the product and from the hospital admissions as well as from the medicines that the sick people will be using.

We can see more healthy products in the supermarket, but are they really healthy? Companies are trying to sell you expensive products that are more organic and healthier, but if you read the ingredients you can tell that there making more harm to your body than what you think. Every chronic disease starts with what your eating so just think about it, why are there even more diseases nowadays? Shouldn't it be the opposite way if we are eating healthier?

Uses for these Database ?

  • Nutritionist will have ease of access to create its history and generate a better diagnostic to its patients
  • Developers can use the database to create health apps.
  • With the 180º Nutrition & Fitness app, users will be able to monitor their diet, access snack recommendations and meals adjusted to the recommended calories and recommended nutrients and also adjusted to tastes, allergies, culture, etc;
With the 180º Nutrition & Fitness app, users will be able to monitor their diet, access snack recommendations and meals adjusted to the recommended calories and recommended nutrients and also adjusted to tastes, allergies, culture, etc;



Fast Transactions

It only takes between 3-5 seconds to send NF token to any stellar wallet.

Cheap transactions

The base fee (currently 100 stroops or 0.00001 XLM) is used in transaction fees.

Link account to exchange

The benefict of linking your wallet to an exchange is that you can buy or sell NF tokens and in real time have it reflected in 180NF App.



By holding NF tokens, in the last month of each quarter a distribution of 0.02% of the total coins stored by each user will be made.

Unlock the 180NF App

Only with NF token you can unlock the entire 180NF App, you will be able to scan products and participate in challenges to earn more NF tokens.

UI Friendly

The design is focus to be simple and appealing to any user and most important for users that have never used tokens before.


Earn tokens by contributing to our nutritional database

By simply scanning food products and entering in corresponding nutritional information you can begin earning NF tokens that can be used to place wagers on how well you might complete a certain task or challenge.

Scan local products

You can contribute by scanning everyday products and earn NF Token.

Machine Learning

The algorythim uses machine learning to reward the users that input the correct nutrional data and eliminate fake entries.

Anyone can earn NF Token

You dont need to invest thousands in mining grids or stake a lot of token to make a return. You just need a cellphone, internet and 180NF App to start earning tokens.

Worlds biggest nutritional database

Nutrional database of today are centralized and manipulated by the big companies, you wont find all the products available in each country and you are able to contribute to their database but they wont reward you with anything.

Join Our Challenges

So, whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, get involved, compete, Wager NF and win!

The WINNERS split the pool money

Only those that complete each daily goal for 6 weeks will split the pool money.

Motivation for a healthier lifestyle

By just walking and earning token people will not be motivated, thats why we decided to motivate people by betting NF Token and feel more pressure to excercise.

Choose your level

The higher the challenge the bigger the reward, you can choose between beginner, intermediate, expert or legend.

Smart Contract

You can wager your money, see where the money is store and win the challenge without worrying about the pool money. Our smart contract will keep your money safe and until the challenge is finish the money will be release.




Scan products and earn NF Tokens

To unlock the scanner reward option, you need to have balance of 1000 NF.

Users can scan 60 food products a day and can request the nutritional information relevant to each product that is stored in our own private blockchain.

This data is processed with our algorithm and once the data is verified, users who entered the information correctly will receive 2.8 NF per food product.

All in one

With 180NF App you have your own NF wallet, Scanner, Challenges, Coin Monitoring, direct access to exchanges, tutorials and social media.


Earn money saving in our wallet!

By keeping the money in 180NF App you will earn 0.02% of what is stored and will be distributed in the last month of each quarter.


Monetize with the challenges!

1000 users sign up for a 6-week challenge and each paid an amount of $ 40 USD to participate. At the end of the challenge, 40% of users did not meet the daily goal and were disqualified.

The total money of the reserve is USD 40,000, the winners will each receive USD $ 60.0 corresponding to a 50% increase of their initial bet.



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